Food I Will Never Give Up (Approx 1,600 steps since 3pm)

Mark and I watched Food Inc. the other day, to which we vowed to not eat a lot of different things. I know people who refuse to eat this, and are against eating that, etc. However, there are plenty of reasons NOT to eat something, and I wanted to share some food that I would be 100% unable to give up.

1. Sour cream- I LOVE sour cream. I have tried to substitute yogurt for sour cream, foregoing sour cream, and using light sour cream. It’s just not happening. Sour cream is delicious. I don’t use it everyday and I don’t don’t overuse it. Therefore, I’m not giving it up.

2. Cheese- Clearly I am a fan of dairy (though I can totally do without milk). Cheese one of my favorite foods. The only cheese I could see myself giving up is American. Now, please don’t think that I am unpatriotic, but our cheese is LAME.

3. Pasta- I generally eat pretty healthy, but I do not enjoy whole wheat pasta or unbleached (or whatever) pasta. I do like brown rice pasta though.

4. Spinach- Yummy. As a salad, stemmed, or stir fried in pasta.

5. Green chili stew- Relatively new to my diet, but amazingly delicious.

I will add more as I think of them. I am going to enjoy a dollop of sour cream.


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