Cooking Chronicle- Mushroom Risotto

While the rest of the world is living it up on a Friday night, I am in my kitchen cooking away…just as I should!

Mushroom Risotto

Why is it in 2 of my first 3 posts (on cooking) I make silly bonehead mistakes? Risotto, as you may or may not know, is made with Arborio rice, which is very starchy, making the rice dish very creamy. The last time I went to Whole Foods to stock up on my grains, I bought a bunch of rice, including a fancy (and lightly colored) brown rice. I THOUGHT I also bought some arborio. As I was making this dish, wondering why the arborio rice was taking so long to cook this time, it dawned on my that I used BROWN RICE instead of arborio. Nonetheless, the rice dish turned out very well, but perhaps not as creamy as it might have been.

For this recipe, I used the following:

1 onion diced into small pieces

1-2 garlic cloves

A dollop of oil

A handful of fresh parsley diced

2 cups of mushrooms chopped

1 cup of milk

1/4 cup of half and half

1 cup of rice

Chicken stock- added 1 cup at a time

Sour cream

Parsley as a garnish

1. Heat the oil and add the onion and garlic. Cook until the onions are soft.

2. Add diced parsley and chopped mushrooms. Cook until the mushrooms are soft.

3. Turn heat to low and add the milk and the half and half. Also add the rice. Cook until simmering.

4. Add the chicken stock 1 cup at a time, letting the rice absorb the broth before adding another. Stop adding broth when rice is at desired consistency.

5. If you are looking for a tangier treat or a creamier dish, add a dollop of sour cream

6. Garish with parsley.

My mistake of using brown rice wasn’t too terrible. Besides the fact that it took eons to cook completely (I lost count after 40 minutes), it is fine. I think the texture is a bit different from arborio rice. Also, it’s very mucky brown. I am not sure if the arborio rice would have changed that though. Hopefully, my dolling it up with garnishes helped. Speaking of garnishes, the parsley from Tuesday worked wonderfully with this dish, especially the garnish. I have never been a big fan of parsley, but my mind may be changing!

And how about my adorable apron? I ordered it last week from Overstock. They have really nice selection of cutesy aprons.


3 responses

  1. Another substitute for Arborio is a short-cut pasta, such as penne. You use the same technique but swap the pasta for the rice and it’s the creamiest one-pot pasta dish you’ll ever make. Although the brown-rice risotto looks pretty tasty!

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