Revamping Our Bedroom

Mark and I love our house. It originally start off as a 2 room shack! Then a front porch was added, and later converted into an indoor room, which is now Mark’s office. Our bedroom was then added, but not as a bedroom…it was another porch, eventually converted into a bedroom. And our junk room was also once a porch, shocking!

Anyhow, we love our house. Mark dotes over his office, and I do a pretty good job of keeping up on the main living areas. However, our bedroom has become our piling ground. All our junk gets thrown in there. Currently, there are piles of laundry, suitcases, and enough cat hair to make a fur coat. Our bedroom shouldn’t be like that! It should be tranquil and comforting.

Mark’s gone for a couple days in Northern New Mexico, so I am going to surprise him. I am going to revamp our bedroom. I started by printing a bunch of pictures and bought some funky frames from the Dollar Tree. I hung them up on a wall in a photo frame collage of sorts. I like it, it’s only pictures of us and our pets…making it more intimate. I will post some pictures when it’s done!


One response

  1. that is really sweet! Post pics of the finished product!!

    Marc and I have the same problem with our bedroom. Its sad how your bedroom is supposed to be like this calming sanctuary that’s supposed to enhance your desire for intimacy and yada yada…but most of the time it looks like shit with all the stuff laying everywhere….

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