Extending the revamping…

While I was shopping today, I noticed Pier 1 was having a clearance sale…I needed some candles, so I decided to stop in…80 dollars later….

My grandparents have a big rooster, I have junior!

New candles and candle plates

New candle and candle holder

I also got some coasters, a cute nightlight for our bedroom, and a serving try. All in all, it was quite the deal at Pier 1.

While I was shopping at TJ’s, I was in the mood to get more live things. I really like having plants and flowers around. I bought a lilac plan and a small bouquet of flowers to liven up the rooms.

Lilac plant on the cat's bench

Flowers and family

And finally, I got around to painting some secondhand frames for my awesome prints from Roll and Tumble Press! I painted them red, I wanted it to have that roughly painted feel to them…


One response

  1. Pier 1. Almost never a good idea. I mean, you’re ecstatic about your buys, but its kind of like going to the grocery story while hungry…

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