My Big News

After a lot of soul searching and planning, I had decided to be a full-time student. Being a part-time student in a PhD program is like being a full-time student anyways. My mind is always on school, papers, readings, and research ideas. I like being good at what I do, and being a full-time teacher and a part-time student (with full-time mentality) is difficult. I am an awesome teacher, and I don’t want that to change as I become more and more invested in my PhD program.

Dreaming of summer...

I talked to my boss at school, and there may be something in the works…the possibility of me teaching part-time, 3 days a week, only teaching 1 grade instead of 2. I like the idea of being in a school still, and being able to be strictly half-time…

I will be teaching a class at the university in the fall, but that’s only a partial assistantship. I need to find something else to supplement my tiny income. My option are to continue seeking another partial assistantship at the university, work part-time at my school, or try to secure teaching at the college where Mark works (which would help to establish me there for the future professorship I plan on getting 😉 )

What do you think is best?


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