Cooking Chronicles: Balsamic Potato Salad

Mark and I are not mayo people. He can barely stand creamy soups. When I told him I was making potato salad he was not too excited. Little did he know that I was making a potato salad without mayo and instead using a condiment that we both love balsamic vinegar! I shouted from the kitchen, offering to make him a dish of my fresh potato salad, but he politely declined. A few minutes later, I came over to him to show him my shots (I have become a part-time student of lighting) and he said, “Hey, that doesn’t look like potato salad. It looks good!” He then got up and went to grab a bowl. Success!


Potatoes (I think I used around 10) cleaned, chopped, and boiled

1 bunch of green onions chopped

3 cloves of garlic minced

1 pint of tomatoes chopped

1 cup of frozen corn (prepared and cooled)

1 cup of frozen peas (prepared and cooled)

Balsamic vinegar

1. Mix all the ingredients together. Add vinegar to taste. Let the salad soak in the fridge for a couple hours.

Balsamic vinegar makes potato salad a light and fresh meal. It’s perfect for a spring day!!!!! Mark enjoyed the potato salad and so did I! We were too impatient to wait a couple hours for it to marinate, so I am looking forward to eating it later!!! The great thing about this salad is that it can be different each time. Add red peppers, or olives, or whatever else is in the fridge! Potato salads do not have to be an icky, mayo-y mess!


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