Vegan Root Veggie Soup!

I would not describe myself as a raging carnivore, by any means, but I do enjoy eating and cooking with meat. In addition, I enjoy using dairy, and I use it in most of my cooking. However, as I opened my fridge, I gravitated towards my root veggies, which are in abundance from this week’s CSA box from Los Poblanos Organics. I cannot speak highly enough of my CSA membership, I am being exposed to new veggies, experimenting with cooking veggies, and enjoying flavorful, delicious, and organic vegetables. I love it. This week alone, I have experimented and developed a healthy love for turnips and beets, veggies I hadn’t tasted until this week.


My first attempt at a vegan dish!



The world of vegan cooking is one that is new to me. However, once I realized I was cooking vegan, I wanted to stick with it. Even when I wanted to thicken my dish, I turned away from my friend heavy cream, and used a wheat flour and water roux to thicken my entree. It’s cooling down in ABQ, and Mark and I are digging soups. We killed an entire pot of chicken and root veggie soup last night (using a whole chicken, turnips, potatoes, carrots, etc.), so I wanted to keep on with the soups. Note that we were completely out of onions in our house…when I remake it, I will add onions.


Simmering on the stove




3 turnips chopped

10 small potatoes chopped (I used red skinned and fingerling)

4 carrots chopped

2 apples chopped

1 cup of rice

8-10 cups of water




all spice


ground coriander

black pepper

red pepper





1 zucchini chopped

1 bunch of Tot Soi, torn

1 bunch of bok choi, torn


This is me experimenting with outdoor lighting



1. Place the turnips, potatoes, carrots, apples, rice, water, and spices in a large pot. I did not measure the spices, I added based on feel and taste. Note: if you want to take a short-cut just add pre-mixed curry powder. I wanted to manipulate the flavor a bit, focusing more on the sweet. Cook over high heat until boiling, then drop the heat to low. Continue cooking until the potatoes are soft.

2. Mix flour and warm water to make a roux. Add to soup to thicken.

3. As the soup thickens, add the zucchini, bok choi, and tot soi. Cook until the leafy greens wilt.

I envisioned the apple sweetness being a big surprise flavor in this soup….it wasn’t. Perhaps it wasn’t a strong enough apple flavor, or maybe I should have used more apple. However, the texture of the apple was surprising as I bit into the soup. In addition, I advise that you keep testing the flavor. I needed to add a lot of salt, because the flavors being used were pretty neutral. This is a warm soup, great for a chilly fall day. I loved the sharp flavor of the greens coupled with the soft textures of turnips, potatoes, and apple. This is definitely a soup that can be completely unique each time you make it!


Up close. It became a lot more stew-like after sitting a while!




3 responses

  1. Looks delicious. I made some turnips last month. No one liked them as a new favorite, but we liked them enough. I would love to try this recipe… maybe when we are on vacation from school!

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