Pear and Green Cardamom Jam

Day two of making jam. The great news is last night’s jam set nicely and my first attempt at canning was successful! Today’s jam came from Food & Wine magazine, my new guilty pleasure. The piece on Best Homemade Gifts is what sparked my interest in making my own jam. I ended up altering the recipe a little bit, I bought a different type of pears and I didn’t have any honey. I still think it turned out nicely. I am waiting to see if the jam sets a bit more, it may be a little runny….but it certainly has an excellent flavor. I am not going to type out the recipe, simply click on the link above. I also preserved the jam using the same canning process as last night. I am listening to the jars’ lids popping down at random….fun!

Boiling the pear/sugar mixture with the green cardamom pods in the tea ball.

Warming the jars (front) my steamer (back)

Boiled down sticky goodness!

Close-up of sticky goodness!

Resting in their new homes!

Jams lined up!

I am kind of into this canning and DIY gift thing. I found some fun blogs for canning and homemade gifts. I am waiting for a vital ingredient for an extra fun one…have you been naughty or nice this year?


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