Dessert Suggestions?!?!?!

For Christmas Eve this year, I am taking on perhaps the most difficult cooking adventure I’ve had, to date. I am attempting to make a traditional Souther Italian Dinner, The Feast of Seven Fishes! There’s some general disagreement as to what the seven fish represent, but it turns out to be a great meal….lots of food & wine & family. Because this meal is going to challenge me so much technically, I decided this is not a time to experiment with recipes. Therefore, I intend to follow recipes, and I am currently planning out the timing of the meal. I have everything planned out, except for the dessert. Anyone have any suggestions. For your viewing pleasure, my menu for Christmas Eve, which I will begin cooking on Wednesday.



Lobster with Cream in Puff Pastry

Steamed Mussels




Roasted Smelts

Olive Plate

Seared Swordfish with Pasta all’Aglio e Olio


Cod Roasted with Pancetta, Leeks, Mushroom, & Tomato

Baked Tomatoes

Salmon en Croute



Like I said, I am following recipes, and here are the ones I am using:

For the Lobster in Cream with Puff Pastry, I found it at Yum Yum

For the Steamed Mussels, Bacalla, Roasted Smelt, Seared Swordfish, and Cod at Stephen Cooks blog

And for the Salmon I referenced Rachael Ray\’s website.


Anyone have a great dessert? Preferably Italian.


One response

  1. So there’s this excellent salmon mousse I used to sell at the gourmet deli in New York. no idea where to get it in Abq, but it’s great for a kind of cheese/ fruit/ cracker dessert.

    Why, I’m asking myself, why, did I move to Colorado at the same time that you started getting serious w/ the cooking? Katya, by the way, said to mention that she checks your blog regularly for tips. I will be doing the same in the lonely months to come.

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