Feast of 7 Fishes: Coconut Creme Caramel

My dessert for our Christmas Eve feast ended up NOT being Italian. I intended to make tiramisu, but never got around to getting the ingredients. Plus, our entire CSA box was fruit, so I wanted to find a way to incorporate some of the fruit into our dessert. And then, my January 2011 issue of Food & Wine came and I found an AMAZING recipe I had to try, Coconut Creme Caramel. This particular recipe has a Malaysian influence, and I love creme caramel! I plan to cut up some kiwi, oranges, and grapefruit to put on top.

I am not typing this recipe out either, since you can easily click on the link above!


Why wouldn't you brown?????



I had the worst time caramelizing the sugar. I failed. Twice. Finally, in frustration, I put the dried, cooked sugar (which is what I ended up with) in the bottom of the baking dish. I plan to take a blow torch or something to the sugar, one the dish has rested in the fridge overnight and I flip it onto a serving platter.






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