Red Pepper Soup with Ginger and Fennel

Okay, today’s recipe is not Southeast Asian, though it is Asian, Indian to be precise. I was driving to work today and hear a story on Morning Addition on NPR about Madhur Jaffrey, an actor/cooking celebrity. She is well known in the UK and the US, and is credited for introducing the UK to real Indian food and how to cook it. I thought her story was interesting, she was in the UK to go to school for acting, and she was sick of eating cafeteria food, so she wrote home to her mother to get some recipes and to learn to cook. And she ended up teaching a nation to cook Indian food, via her BBC cooking show.

It’s a little cooler in NM, not East Coast cold, but cooler than we have experienced the past couple weeks. I wanted something hardy, and Jaffrey shared her recipe for Red Pepper Soup with Ginger & Fennel, which you can find on the link above. We really enjoyed it, especially my husband. It’s a spicy soup, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about blending the entire soup (I tend to appreciate chunks). However, it was great, and perfect for a cold day! The red peppers simmering with the potatoes, spices, and onions smelled so good! The only change I made to the recipe was to use 3 potatoes, as opposed to just one. Also, I added a dollop of plain yogurt to the soup.


After simmering for 25 minutes over low heat

Blending up the soup!


I am pretty jazzed, I just got a Vietnamese cookbook in the mail, and it has all our favorite recipes in it! I cannot wait to cook up a yummy Vietnamese dish next week!



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