Black Bean and Corn Burritos

Black beans and corn have been a favorite combination for me since getting pregnant. I wanted something simple and quick for dinner, so I decided on burritos.

Black Bean & Corn Burrito


Flour torillas

1 can of black beans

1.5 cups of frozen corn

1 cup of brown rice, prepared

shredded cheese


plain yogurt


1. Prepare the brown rice.

2. Prepare the frozen corn, following the instructions on the bag. After the corn is cooked, add the black beans, and cook until warmed.

3. Take a tortilla shell, add some brown rice, followed by the black bean and corn mixture, add cheese, and top with salsa and plain yogurt.

I really like these. It was much lighter than the New Mexican and Mexican food I’ve become accustomed to lately. Plus, it was a great way to make sure that I am getting a balanced meal–brown rice, beans for protein, corn and a homemade (low sodium) salsa for veggies, and cheese and yogurt for dairy. Yum. I think this will be a regular meal at our house.


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