Week 1: Shopping Organic on a Budget

I am starting all over…after my last post I got distracted with life. I’m starting my first week of cooking on Monday, but I got all the goods for the week. I didn’t keep it under 50 dollars, as was the goal, but I am pretty impressed with my 79 dollar bill!

This week, the big meals will be pea soup, garlic potato salad, sesame tofu couscous, mushroom pasta, naan pizza, tofu stir fry, quinoa salad, heuvos rancheros, clam linguine, and a potato curry.

Here’s this week’s shopping list (from Trader Joe’s), all items are organic unless otherwise stated:

garlic (2 bulbs) $1.49

5lb bag of potatoes $3.49

Frozen peas $1.99

Green onions $1.19

Red Peppers (3) $2.99

Snap peas $2.29

Lemons (bag)- not organic $1.49

Mushrooms- not organic  2 @ $1.99

Onions (3) $1.69

Yogurt 2 @ $2.99

Canned clams 2 @ $1.99

Eggs $2.79

Black beans – not organic 2 @ $.89

Pasta sauce $2.29

Mozzarella Cheese $3.99

Naan bread $2.29

Kefir 2 @ 2.79

Cherry tomatoes 2 @ $2.49

Spinach 2 bags @ $1.99

Goat cheese $2.49

Frozen mango 2 @ 1.29

1/2 & 1/2 $1.69

Bread $1.99

Cheddar cheese $2.99

Sparkling water 12 @ $.99

I wanted so badly to put some stuff back, to keep closer to 50 dollars, but I didn’t. Sparkling water has been the best way for me to ensure that I get the necessary amount of water daily. I figure, I can learn from week-to-week.

One thing to notice–I didn’t purchase any meat, with the exception of the clams. We don’t eat a lot of meat in general, and especially in the hotter months (it’s in the 80s here).

These groceries should get us through all the meals listed above, plus salads and other treats throughout the week.


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