Week 2 Grocery Shopping

This week was fun! I am finally back to cooking, which I love and we are eating better and cheaper than every before. I’m trying to be a little more ambitious this week, cooking almost everyday for lunch AND dinner. Shockingly, my weekly total for shopping was less than 52 dollars! 

Here’s what I got:

Organic spinach $1.99

Mini loaf of rosemary baguette $2.49 (this was not on my list….but looked so good!)

Pesto $2.49

Can of sliced black olives $1.19

Nitrate-free bacon $3.99

Organic Brown Rice Pasta $1.99

Canned tuna 2 @ $1.49

All natural Strawberry Frozen Bars 2 @ $1.99

Organic Chicken Stock $1.99

1 lb Organic Strawberries $2.99

Organic cream $1.69

Green onions $1.19

1 lb bag of lemons $1.49

1 lb bag of limes $1.69

Organic eggs $2.79

Organic carrots $1.49

Organic honey $2.79

3 organic green peppers $2.79

Organic mushrooms $1.69

Organic cherry tomatoes medley $3.49

6 Organic roma tomatoes $2.79

3 Organic red onions $1.99

Total  $51.95

I kept looking in my cart and at my intended recipes, expecting that I would need more, but according to my notes between the food listed and what we already have….it was all we needed. As a reminder, we have enough food in our pantry and freezer to feed us for a good week if the world were to end, but we are working on cleaning both out. More about that later.

So what exactly does $52 dollars make for a week????


Lunch- Spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette

Dinner- Mushrooms, peas, and rice (I have an evening commitment)


Lunch- Gazpacho

Dinner- Mushroom Risotto (have to use the mushrooms from last week up!)


Lunch- Veggie Quesadilla

Dinner- Bacon Corn Chowder


Lunch-Quinoa Tabbouleh

Dinner- Tuna Florentine


Lunch- Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Dinner- Pizza


Lunch- Leftovers

Dinner: Veggie & Black Bean Quesadilla


Lunch: Leftovers

Dinner- Out-to-dinner or spontaneous creation based on what’s left!

I am having a blast with this. I really enjoy sitting down and planning the week’s meals. And I cannot believe that we are cutting our food costs by at least 60%, and that’s just grocery shopping, not even taking into account how often we’d eat out before!

I’ve also begun focusing on having snack-like food that I can make, based on what’s in season. For example, a local grocery story had organic cucumbers for $.99, so I picked a bunch up, and I made refrigerator pickles and pickled asparagus (post forthcoming). It’s a quick and delicious snack, and overall very cheap to make. I felt good sitting down to watch a Law and Order: SVU rerun while snacking on my pickled asparagus…it’s good for the baby! This morning, I made deviled eggs (post forthcoming) with a dijon kick! We had leftover eggs from this week, and it would last us all of next week, so I figured I’d use them. I thought we could snack on them all day…we ended up eating them all up for breakfast! However, it was a cheap breakfast, I’d guess less than $2 total.

I mentioned our crazy stockpile of food in our pantry and freezer. It’s seriously a mess. I have no idea what we actually have in the freezer. I take that back, I do know that we have bay scallops in the freezer. I had to move them when putting the popsicles away. I have a feeling there’s tons of good food in the freezer and pantry waiting to be used. I’m quickly realizing that I do not need a stockpile of stuff, if I am doing meal planning. I can shop for the week. So Mark and I are going to tear apart the freezer and list all the food we have in there. That way, when I plan for next week and the following weeks we can slowly use up food up there, which will actually produce space in the freezer and pantry. I do recall buying a couple swordfish steaks before finding out I was pregnant. I guess those have to sit until November. Darn mercury content!


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