The Day Where I Only Ate Veggie Quesadillas

I planned out this great week of food, which included veggie quesadillas. I thought it would be a great option, because we had some leftover cheese, a ton of tortillas, and a mix of veggies to be used. I made one for lunch on Tuesday, went to a meeting, and it was all I could think about during the meeting. It was so good and so simple. I used mushrooms and red peppers, plus the requisite cheese and tortilla. Then, I used plain yogurt as a dipping sauce (as opposed to sour cream). Yummy.

I ended up having it for dinner as well. After having a rice dish on Monday, making mushroom risotto wasn’t looking too tasty. I figured I’d make it later in the week….I ended up using all the mushrooms though! I used all my “Mexican Blend” shredded cheese too, so I just started using mozzarella, and it was just as tasty. In fact, I ended up having quesadillas 2 more times this week (Mark ended up being out of town for a job, and I decided to eat easy. It’s no fun to cook for one!).

I am convinced that we have some magic flour tortillas. I still haven’t put a dent in the bag!

Sorry for the lack of pictures…I was so hungry I ate the quesadillas before I thought of photographing them!


1 flour tortilla

Shredded cheese (enough to thinly cover the whole tortilla

Random veggies, used as desired


1. Spread a think layer of cheese on the tortilla. Add various veggies.

2. Over medium high heat, place the tortilla flat in a frying pan. Cook until the cheese is almost all melted. Using a spatula, fold over the tortilla, making a half-circle shape. Press down firmly, let cook for a minute more.

3. Enjoy with your choice of dipping sauce! I suggest plain yogurt!


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