This Week’s Shopping

I failed. $33 over my $50 goal. Two things happened; I had to get some pricier pantry, kitchen, and bathroom items, and I deviated from my list. The first is not really preventable (though I did question whether or not I actually needed that liter of olive oil, at $6 dollars–a huge deal), but the second was…I was bad.

We needed toilet paper (4.49), tissues (2 @ 1.29), sugar (2.99), dish soap (2.99), and olive oil (5.99), so that was roughly $20 in costs that I couldn’t prevent. However, I also bought things that weren’t on my list, that I knew I would need eventually but not this week: organic black beans (2 @ 1.19), red wine vinegar (1.79), pink sea salt in a grinder (1.99), and curry spice (1.99), which added up to an additional $8 or so. And then, I just went crazy and bought stuff not on my list, including organic roma tomatoes (2.79), organic green peppers (2.49), organic mushrooms (2.29), and nitrate-free turkey bacon (2.99), so that’s nearly $11 extra dollars. I need to spend the $20 stocking up, but the last $19 bucks was unnecessary. Lesson learned: follow the damn list. Get what you need for the week, not next week.

Here’s this week’s shopping:

TJ’s 12 rolls of TP  $4.49

Tissue 2 @ $1.29

Organic Raw Sugar $2.99

Organic 1/2 & 1/2   3 @ 1.69

Organic Cherry Tomatoes 2 @ 2.49

Dish Soap $2.99

Organic Black Beans 2 @ $1.19

Organic Eggs $2.79

Feta cheese $2.49

Organic Breadcrumbs $2.99

EVOO $5.99

Organic Tomato Sauce $2.29

Red Wine Vinegar $1.79

Organic Frozen Corn 2 @1.29

WW Hamburger Buns $2.49

Nitrate Free Turkey Bacon $2.99

Grinder Salt $1.99

Curry Powder $1.99

Garlic Powder $1.99

Organic Baby Spinach 2 @ 1.99

Corn Tortillas $.99

Sundried Tomatoes $1.99

Organic Roma Tomatoes $2.79

Organic Mushrooms $2.29

1lb Lemons $1.49

1lb Limes $1.69

WW Bread $1.99

Organic Tricolor Peppers $3.99

Organic Green Peppers $2.49

Total w/tax $83.04

This week, I am making a bunch of good, summery meals. For lunches, I have a snap pea salad (to use up some peas from a week or so ago), black bean and rice salad, tex-mex quinoa, and a spinach pomegranate salad. For dinners, I have pasta with scallops, BBQ tofu with sweet potato fries, fish tacos, and Jamaican burgers, plus a few things I am pulling from the freezer.

You may notice some of my ingredients not listed on this week’s shopping list. I finally cleaned out the freezer and pantry, and took an inventory of what’s in each. I am going to try to slowly use up the good in there, so I am really shopping week-t0-week. I don’t even want to think about the amount of food in each place and its value in dollars. So, this week we are eating up some scallops, tofu, a spinach pie, and some ravioli, plus all the dry goods (like pasta).


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