Greasy-Spoon Breakfast & Mushroom Risotto

Saturday was a wonderful day. It’s full-on summer hear in NM, and we took advantage of it (and we even grumbled a little 😦  about the heat). We began our day with breakfast together. Have I mentioned recently that I am breakfast’s newest fan????? It was nothing fancy, just eggs, toast, and turkey bacon. I think my new habit of eating breakfast is equipping me with a bunch of energy. And with such a lovely breakfast, it’s not really surprising:

Saturday Morning Breakfast


I will say that turkey bacon, while tasty, just lacks that bacon texture.


Eggs ~ $.50

Toast ~ $.20

Bacon ~$1.50

Total ~$2.20


Get ready, things are about to get trippy. I’ve recently been reading this awesome blog. It’s a great combination of food & family & fun. Well, a couple days ago, the blog featured another blogger, who shared a recipe for mushroom risotto. I had some arborio rice in the pantry and some mushrooms that I needed to use up, so I figured ‘why not?’

I followed the recipe pretty true to the original, except I used chicken stock instead of the veggie stock. Also, I used a dry sherry.

I liked it overall, but Mark wasn’t a fan. He didn’t care for the sherry taste. I suppose it would have worked better to use another type of wine (is sherry really a wine? It was what I had handy). I also realized this probably wasn’t the ideal meal when it’s as hot as heck outside and we had lunch after taking Buster for a really long walk in the sun. I will have to try it again in the winter.


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