This week’s shopping

I went over AGAIN. I must be punished. No eating out, no carry-out, no “emergency run” to the local diner for a sundae. That’s right people. My $23 in excess earns me the consequence of no eating out. I cannot recall the last time I didn’t go out to dinner at least once in a week (though we’ve been going out a lot less since I began meal planning. Spending less money results in eating out less, funny). I don’t need to punish myself. We have the resources to spend an extra $20 on groceries, however, I want to acknowledge that I am challenging myself here. And when I do not meet the requirements of the challenge there should be a consequence. +/- $10, no big deal, but $20+ two weeks in a row?!?!?! I need additional motivation. So let’s see if I can go a week without picking up food on the go.

Funnily enough, I said to Mark, “I went over on our grocery budget; we are not allowed to eat out this week.” He didn’t blink and responded, “Okay.” Guess I’m the one addicted to eating out.

Exactly $73 dollars got us the following items this week:

Organic roma tomatoes 2 containers (approx 6-8 each) @ $2.79 each

Rittersport with Hazelnuts (snack for the baby) $1.99

Organic frozen corn $1.69

Organic mozzarella $3.99

Organic frozen raspberries $2.99

Frozen strawberry bars $1.99

Frozen mango bars $1.99

Lemons $1.49

Limes $1.69

Jalapenos $.99

Organic strawberries 1 pound $2.99

Organic cherry tomatoes $2.49

Goat cheese $2.49

Organic butter $4.79

Hormone free ground beef $2.49

Nitrate free bacon $3.99

Mini burger buns $1.19

Whole wheat flat bread $2.29

Organic tricolor bell peppers $3.99

Organic garlic $1.49

Organic zucchini 1.5 pounds $2.99

Organic green peppers $2.49

Organic garbanzo beans $1.19

Organic 1/2 & 1/2 $1.69

Kefir 2 @ $2.79

Organic eggs $2.79

Organic onions $1.69

Whole wheat bread $1.99

I probably could have cut this bill down a bit, but looking at what I came home with, I am happy. I cleaned my fridge and I see lots of fresh produce and other foods I don’t worry about putting into my body. Paying that extra $1.50 for four sticks of butter is worth it to me (since dairy is one of the top foods you should be eating organic). Did I need to buy bacon? Well, I could have gotten it for a dollar cheaper, if  I got the turkey version, but it’s just not the same. And I want to make these awesome bacon burger sliders. Yum!

This week’s meals include the bacon burger sliders, a Mediterranean salad, a tomato curry stew, a cucumber & tomato salad, pesto pizza, a tomato and goat cheese pie, Moroccan lentil salad, zucchini garden chowder, Mexican stuffed peppers, strawberry summer cake, and raspberry muffins (mixing in some breakfast dishes this week).

I’m rereading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollen, which is definitely keeping my food focus ignited. It’s a great book, it’s the more practical companion to The Omnivore’s Dilemma. How many of you are eating the same food that your grandparents ate as kids? Or even your parents?


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  1. even better, just cut out dairy entirely! 🙂 I discovered recently (like… november?) that i’m lactose intolerant — and not only do I feel a ton better, but it saves us a lot of money AND a lot of fat in our diet.

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