Roasted Red Peppers with Goat Cheese

I am such a bad blogger lately! I am back to teaching, so there’s that. It’s thrown me off my blissfully unrealistic schedule of spending all day, everyday cooking. And that’s for only 2 hours a day. I guess I won’t be cooking 3 meals a day once I am back to teaching full-time and raising my first baby. Dang it! So I am adapting. It’s been fun cooking 2-3 meals a day, but once life starts again, I realize it’s not sustainable (at least in the same manner that I was cooking before).

I still haven’t gone grocery shopping for this week. We are focusing on cleaning out the pantry and freezer this week. It’s been fun. I made some Trader Joe’s frozen mac and cheese in the oven, which is always delicious, but it’s about a bu-zillion times better when cooked in the oven. Imagine a crusty-oven-baked top and bottom. Yum. Mark found some curry marinated chicken tenders that we’ll scarf down tonight. Right now, I am heating up a frozen lasagna (TJ’s with no preservatives or additives) and making a pasta & peas salad with some stuff I found in the freezer.

We gotta make room for the baby….errr, the breastmilk for the baby. I wouldn’t put our baby in the freezer.

We had some red peppers that were on the verge of being no good. I’ve been reading this awesome blog lately, and noticed a recipe for roasted red pepper salad. I, unfortunately, did not have any fresh mozzarella handy, but we did have some goat cheese, which I think worked almost as well.

Roasted Red Peppers with Capers and Goat Cheese


Roasting red peppers was actually quite a bit easier than I expected. It did take much longer than the 1 hour suggested in the Smitten Kitchen recipe, but our stove is old and inefficient.



Did I mention that I LOVE that I am the type of person who just has capers sitting in her fridge?


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