Round Up of Meals

Going a week without grocery shopping has actually been pretty easy, mostly because we have so much darn crap in our freezer and pantry! We did have to do some survival shopping–eggs, fresh veggies, red meat (hey, it was for that little man in my belly, not me), and we were lucky enough to have a friend share some of their delicious lettuce from their garden. Err, more of a baby farm than a garden. Because I’ve neglected the blog thing (again!) I am going to bunch up the meals we made this week, share some photos and brief descriptions, and call it a day. I’m also going to start from now, and work my way backwards, since today’s breakfast is still in my mind (and my teeth).

Meal planning for a couple weeks and then not for a week has definitely thrown me off track. There’s something simple and comforting about knowing what’s for lunch or dinner each day, and also knowing that I will have the ingredients necessary to make them. I am looking forward to getting back to that!

Today’s Breakfast:

Ode to Brother Juniper's....

A friend I used to work with in Memphis mentioned going to a great breakfast place this morning, Brother Juniper\’s. It’s a great breakfast place, and one of the many phenomenal restaurants in Memphis. After reading his FB check-in, I decided to make something inspired by Brother Juniper’s. We had some crusty rosemary bread leftover from last night, so I toasted a thick slice and topped it with 2 over easy eggs, some sliced grape tomatoes, crumbled goat cheese, and a little dill. It was yummy! And I am a bad pregnant woman–I live on over easy eggs these days (I am highly recommended, by pregnancy guide books not my midwife, to eat fully cooked eggs only).

Crusty bread with over easy eggs, tomatoes, goat cheese, and dill


Who could say no to this? Not this woman.


Last Night’s Dinner

Last Night's Dinner


We don’t normally eat a lot of meat. However, we are definitely not vegetarians. I had a killer craving for a steak last night (I blame it on whoever decided it was a good idea to grill out 2 evening in a row), so we ran to the grocery store to pick up some fixings. We found a 3 pack of New York Strip steaks on sale for 12 dollars. They weren’t organic…but that’s life. We bought some fixing for a nice salad (with the yummy lettuce from our friend’s back yard), and we got a loaf of crusty rosemary bread. Dinner.

When we got home, Mark took to making the salad. I asked him if he thought I should make 1 or 2 of the steaks. We decided to make 1 and split it, which turned out to be more than enough for us. Keeping the new nutritional plate guidelines in mind, we loaded our plates with salad (with an adaptation of Mark’s balsamic dijon dressing, made by me!), accompanied it with the steak, and enjoyed some bread with a garlic infused olive oil (with fresh rosemary from our yard added!). It was a really nice meal. Buster ended up enjoying some of the steak, as even half a piece was too much for me. He didn’t mind.

Friday Night's Dinner


Thursday Night’s Dinner

Part of my problem this week is that I do not have a clear plan mapped out. Without my plan, I end up doing crazy things, such as Thursday’s dinner. I started off making the fixing for some yummy, healthy burritos–brown rice, some mushrooms, onions, and zucchini stir fried together, and a can of refried beans I discovered in the pantry. Well, when I was grabbing the beans, I noticed a can of white queso, which was a major early pregnancy craving of mine. Then I realized we had some tortilla chips as well. I rationalized, “Well, my goal is to use up all the stuff in the pantry, and this would work towards using 2 more things.” And burritos became this weird hybrid of nachos.

Pantry Nachos


I ended up laying the tortilla chips, followed by some brown rice, then some refried beans, a layer of the mushroom/onion/zucchini mixture, and then some of the thick, gooey queso. It was actually pretty good! The rice made them especially filling.

Wednesday Night’s Dinner

Mark initiated this one. He found some Trader Joe’s Curry Chicken Tenders in the freezer and pulled them out to thaw. I simply used up the last of some  white basmati rice and pan fried the tenders.

Curry Chicken Tenders and Rice


He liked them; I did not. I tasted soap for some reason. Not doing weekly shopping = a lack of veggies in our house, which sucks. I miss veggies. This is a sad looking meal.

Wednesday’s Lunch

Pea Pasta Salad


Using plain yogurt to replace many other condiments has been my new favorite trick. A while back, I raved about blending it with some spices and making it taste like ranch dressing. I decided to replicate that for this pasta salad. Pretty simple, I had some frozen pasta with various veggies, so I threw that in a skillet and I added a couple cups of frozen green peas. I cut up 1/2 and onion and mixed it with the cooled pasta blend. Then, I added 2 cups of yogurt, some dried rosemary and oregano, and some salt and pepper. After refrigerating for an hour or so, it became a creamy, delicious pasta salad with the ranch-ish flavor.


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