This Week’s Shopping

I went over my goal of 50 dollars. Why do we always run out of sugar, toilet paper, and butter in the same week! I contend that I should be able to deduct those costs from my overall grocery bill….but I suppose that people who are truly on a 25 dollars per person per week budget do not have that liberty.

I thought going to a small grocery chain known for its organic produce would be a bit cheaper than buying all my produce at Trader Joe’s…but it wasn’t. Even though they have big weekly promotion, most of them are not on the organic produce. I ended up buying a couple things there–including a couple luxury buys (brie *on sale* and Mexican Pepsi *made with real sugar, not HFCS*), as well as some white peaches and organic tomatoes.

The rest of my shopping was at Trader Joe’s, as usual. I didn’t make a list or meal plan, which is probably part of the reason it cost what it did–roughly 74 dollars, plus the 13 dollars at Sunflower.

We are going to check out Albuquerque’s Downtown Farmer’s market this weekend, to see if that’s the most economical way to shop for produce (it’s certainly the more green option).

Shopping List:


Brie $3.84

Organic tomatoes $3.06

White peaches $1.19

Mexican Pepsi x 4 $5.00

Total: $13.09


Trader Joe’s 

Dijon mustard $1.69

TJ’s dish soap $2.99

Organic raw sugar $2.99

Toilet paper $4.49

Organic cucumbers $2.49

Organic Arugula $2.29

Organic Spinach $1.99

Organic Garbanzo beans $1.19

Smoked salmon $3.99

Organic mushrooms $2.29

Organic plum tomatoes $2.99

Organic eggs $3.79

Farm bread $2.99

Whole wheat bread $1.99

Plain bagels $2.49

Guacamole kit (fresh ingredients for guac packaged together) $3.69

2 bags of lemons $2.98

Limes $1.69

Sharp cheddar $2.95

Organic butter $4.79

Organic carrots $1.49

Organic plain yogurt $2.99

Organic green peppers $2.49

Cottage cheese $1.99

Canned tuna $1.49

Organic 1/2 & 1/2 $1.69

Organic milk $1.79

Total: $74.16


Overall Total: $87.15


While I didn’t meal plan for the week, I have some ideas in mind….I have some vodka sauce I’d like to use, we’ve been loving salads lately with lots of fresh veggies, and I am currently making a homemade ricotta!


2 responses

    • No, not anymore…over the winter we got tired of the types of produce…plus the price started going up. We are going to try the farmer’s market this week, to make sure we can get the best produce! We are hoping to have a great yard at our next place, and we’ve already planned how we are going to get some starters from your raspberry bushes back to NM!

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