Why hello, it’s been a while!

So, I haven’t updated since July. Crazy cakes. In my defense, I was pregnant and starting a new job. Then I had a baby and spent my entire maternity leave looking at and loving on the said baby. Then I went back to work and learned to be a working parent. For a while there wasn’t a lot of cooking, however there was some cooking. I’ve become queen of the crock pot soup. I did one of those cook all weekend to make frozen meals for a month things (at 36 weeks pregnant, not my best idea). However, I am now at the place in my new life as a mother where I am ready to get back to cooking. I love cooking. I love eating. And I like sharing my innovations. Plus, my stepmom has been begging me to resurrect my blog for a while now.

Becoming a parent and being a working parent has definitely shifted how I feel about food and cooking. I cannot come home from work and spend 3 hours cooking any longer. I have to cuddle my kid, pay some attention to my husband, and prep for the next day of daycare and work. Weekends–that’s a different story. I’d like to dedicate one day a week to cooking a lovely meal that Julia Childs would be proud of. But during the week, I need to prepare meals with efficiency.

While I need to cook quickly, since becoming a parent my thoughts on food have intensified. I don’t want to feed my family processed foods. I am more vigilant about the kinds of foods I am putting into our bodies (especially since I am breastfeeding and Nico eats what I eat). How do we eat well quickly? I have a couple ideas…and we’ll see over the next couple months if these ideas go anywhere. Right now I am flirting with the following:

1. Start a garden. Know the land from which our produce is coming from and be able to choose our favorite veggies to grow.

2. Multi-task with foods. Right now, I am cooking a pot of brown rice. I actually made more than double what we need, and I’ll save the rest for tomorrow to use in a fried rice or stir fry dish. Tomorrow is Saturday, but this idea could be super useful during the week.

3. Raw foods. I watched a documentary about food recently, and a figurehead for the raw diet movement mentioned something interesting about digestion and raw foods. Don’t want to go hardcore raw diet, but there’s nothing wrong with some raw veggies more often.

4. Limiting meat intake/ focusing on local meats- Mark mentioned to me that consuming meat (especially beef) leaves more of a carbon footprint than your car emissions. A friend said that grain fed cows produce more gas than those who are pasture raised. Both are compelling points, especially when we strive to be environmentally conscious.

5. Organic, organic, organic! I am even more dedicated to eating organic. In order to eat organic affordably, we need to eat in season. More natural, more local. Win, win.


I hope to post a couple times a week, and more frequently once I finish the school year at the end of May.


One response

  1. I’m SO glad you’ve started blogging again! I MISSED IT! You know what I love to do with leftover rice? I make soup. I get a broth, add some herbs and spices, usually some spinach, sometimes some frozen corn or some other easy veggie, and add the rice in last. Filling and satisfying.
    As far as eating better, I’m trying to stop using canned food almost entirely. The only things stocked in cans in our house are beans, olives, and a few cans of diced tomatoes (cuz I’m SO lazy). I heard that there are dangerous chemicals in canned goods. So we’re cutting down. Not that we used that much from cans anyway.

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