Eating Post-Baby

After having Nico, I didn’t worry about what I was eating. I figured since I was breastfeeding I didn’t need to worry. In fact, I needed extra calories! Initially, I was right. Within the first two weeks, the majority of the baby weight melted away. A month or so after that, the last five pounds came off. Within 6 weeks, I lost the weight. Great, right? Well, my entire body shape changed, leaving me looking like I am early into my first trimester.

It doesn’t help that being a working mom is HARD WORK. Working all day, coming home to snuggle with my guys, and preparing for the next day of work and daycare had me going to bed just after Nico most days. Not a lot of cooking, not a lot of healthy lunches being packed. My normally healthy eating habits were being dirtied with drive-thrus, caffeine-laced carbonated beverages, and even the icky pink slime.

I don’t want to rely on hardcore exercise to lose my post-baby belly. Heavy exercise can diminish one’s supply of breast milk. I want to stick to a moderate amount of exercise…like walking my baby when I visit him at lunch. So that leaves me with food, and there’s plenty of gross food stuff I can eliminate from my diet. My bad habits didn’t begin over night, so I realize I cannot stop them over night. Here’s my plan…

1. Cook dinners at least 3 days a week. Whole foods–mostly plants and grains.

2. This week, I am cutting out all fast-food and carry-out.

3. Next week, I am cutting out candy and unhealthy snacks.

4. The following week, I’ll cut out the soda. This will be the hardest for me. It might take a couple weeks.

I am hoping by taking these steps, coupled by regular daily activity, that I’ll begin to lose the remaining signs of my pregnancy. Wish me luck. I’ll check in weekly.


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