Five Fabulous Food Finds

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, Mark is reading the New York Times and sipping on coffee while softly rubbing my shoulder. Nico is on the floor playing with some wooden blocks, and I’ve just crafted an amazing breakfast fit for a royal family. Okay, not really. Mark is on his laptop, probably on Newegg or B & H’s website, in the kitchen by himself. Nico had a couple immunizations yesterday so he’s a little crabby and just passed out for his morning nap in our bed. And I am sitting next to him writing this post. However, the windows are open, the fresh air is coming in, and the sun is shining. Not a bad morning, just not the idyllic one I described initially.

Since getting back into the blogging business, I am back to reading more blogs as well. It’s nice to be back to the cooking trifecta–cook, photograph, and post. I’ve been doing some cooking all along, but the last two pieces were missing. I thought I’d share a handful of food related things that caught my eye on the web this week:

1. I love Smitten Kitchen. I especially love her blog now that I am cooking on a teeny tiny, compact stove and with about 12 inches of counter space. Since moving out of the city and into the country, we’ve had to curb our favorite indulgence–breakfasts at our favorite greasy spoon restaurants. As such, I’ve been searching for yummy breakfast recipes. Smitten Kitchen shared a recipe for Soft Eggs & Buttery Herb Gruyere Toasts that has me drooling.

2. I have a friend named Erin. We went to college together. Back then, she was know for being a snarky English major with an awesome DVD collection in her dorm room. Today, she’s a graduate student and food blogger. She’s so awesome that she incorporated food into her master’s thesis! Anyhow, she shared a yummy recipe for Creamy Zucchini Soup that I am itching to try.

3. Oh my gosh, I am drooling over the thought of this Portuguese Pot Roast and it’s a crock pot recipe! It would be perfect for during the week.

4. Like I mentioned before, I am getting back into reading blogs regularly. Pre-baby, I read the blog Oh Dear Drea almost daily. Now she’s doing this little series called “Things on Toast,” which I love. On Tuesday, she did beets on toast, and there’s nothing I love more than a good beet.

5. My favorite new restaurant is Farm & Table. It’s a farm-to-table concept restaurant in Albuquerque’s North Valley, and it’s amazing.


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