Five Fabulous Food Finds

1. Last weekend, I made some french toast from a recipe I found on Smitten Kitchen. It was a Creme brûlée french toast, and it was delicious. I used regular bread, as opposed to the thick slices that was used in the regular recipe. Also, I cooked them in a frying pan on the stove top. I’d like to try the original recipe though.

2. Nico has begun eating solid foods! We planned to wait until 6 months and do baby led weaning, but Nico was giving us major signs that he wanted solid food. He was flirting with us when we ate, smiling any time we’d put food in our mouth, etc. We are a couple days deep, and he is already eating like a champ. So, we are doing a modified form of BLW. I am making mushed up veggies, but not making them super smooth, with the intention of transitioning to table foods in the near future. For making my own food, the Wholesome Baby Food website is an amazing resource for those who are making their own baby food.

3. I mentioned before that we are trying to be more responsible with our omnivore diet. We are purposefully limiting our intake of red meat, pork, and bird, with the intention of trying to eat more locally raised meats. That leaves us with fish. I assumed that wild caught was better than farm raised, but after some research I realize it’s not that simple. Monterey Bay Aquarium has an amazing online guide to how to responsibly choose fish and seafood. There’s even a iPhone app!

4. This post makes me want to run home and plan some carrots immediately. I have fantasies of growing our own skinny carrots. Guess I need to look into gardening a little more.

5. I think I’ve found a new favorite website. Love & Olive Oil is so my style, food wise. I want to make this dish for a Sunday afternoon meal we do with my in-laws. We all love salmon and some good crusty bread.


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  1. If you are interested in French Toast, you should check out:

    Last year they did a search for the best ever banana bread recipe and this year they’re searching for the best ever french toast recipe. They’ve already had some yummy ones posted, and it’ll only continue. Plus, I think the concept of their blog is something you’ll really get into once Nico grows up a bit and can help in the kitchen.

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