Nico’s Adventures with Food





The first two are of our avocado adventures. It was his first food. The last two images are of peas, which we just started yesterday. He’s also had butternut squash (loved), sweet potatoes (hated), and carrots (loved). Oh, and pears. He LOVES pears. It’s the only thing I haven’t made myself. YET. I have pears to prepare. I had some prepackaged stuff in case he had constipation issues with the introduction of solids. I let him try them after he spit out every bite of sweet potatoes, and he was in love.

I love making my own baby food. Right now, it’s pretty boring stuff. However it feels good knowing I am putting the freshest things in my little guy’s belly. I fully intended to do baby led weaning, and I think I will still embrace it to some degree, however Nico likes a very smooth texture to his food right now.


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