Organizing the blog

If you know me well, you probably realize I am a little “Type A.” I do well with schedules. I like to plan in advance. My son, who we’ve not set a schedule for, is the same way…he has his own schedule that he organized pretty early on. I do most of my cooking (and blogging) on the weekends. However, I realize that’s not how things work in the blog universe. Most posters and readers are during the week. In an effort to post regularly during the week, I am going to try to organize my blog thematically (as well as to maintain some sanity). That means I am posting on the weekends, scheduling the posts for later in the week. Here’s what I am thinking:

Mondays: Meatless Monday

Tuesday: Crock Potin’

Wednesday: Cooking for Baby

Thursday: CSA Box Inspired Meals

Friday: Five Fabulous Food Finds

Saturday & Sunday: Random posts


I hope that this will make for a more predictable blog, and reach audiences more efficiently. On my end, I anticipate it working much better.


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