Kickin’ it Old School

Who needs cook books or recipe cards these days? We have the internet, with websites like Allrecipes and food bloggers 😉 However, there’s something to be said for the old school way of cooking and collecting recipes. My mom has collected recipes from various family members and it represents tradition, family, and food. All things that I love. The more I learn to cook, the more I want have a record to give to Nico or someone in my family who shares my passion for food. Sure, I have this blog, but it lacks the physical connection that one can have with something like an old copy of The Joy of Cooking with mom’s notes in them or old, handwritten recipe cards. So, I am going to attempt to record my recipes in a notebook.

I found a beautiful notebook that I purchased in Vietnam. It has a woven cover and handmade pages on the inside. It’s gorgeous. And, I purchased it from an organization, Craftlink, that supports handicrafts of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam–providing a fair price for the producers and the consumers. Each time I’ve visited Hanoi, I make sure to spend a bundle at that store.

We’ll see if I actually keep up with recording my cooking in this fashion. I sure hope I do, because I think it would be pretty cool to pass it down to someone in my family to use.


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