Other People’s Food: Seared Salmon and Lentils with Bacon

When I was browsing blogs the other day, I came across a recipe for lentils. I love lentils, but they don’t exactly turn into the most beautiful of meals. They are hearty. They are filling. They are great when you want to feed an army. However, they just aren’t that visually appealing. And since my blog’s purpose is partly for me to focus on my photography, that’s an issue. However, when I came across the aforementioned blog, the lentils looked…better than normal. And the author claimed these lentils to be the best he’s ever had. And they were served under salmon. And I had most of the ingredients at the house already. So I made lentils to highlight in my blog. Extra awesome: the author included the lentils in 2 different meals. I only made the first so far, but I have the leftover lentils and the second protein in the fridge waiting to be combined.

Seared Salmon with Lentils Cooked with Bacon

I only recently discovered the Amateur Gourmet via bloglovin, but I am already a huge fan. I love the balance of good food and convenience, his witty writing style, and helpful readers’ comments. I followed the recipe point by point. The recipe called for mustard, and I used dijon mustard, because it’s the best (IMHO).  One thing to note is that the lentils recipe is from a previous post, but linked in the blog entry. It’s also a recipe from someone else, not the blogger. So I am blogging about someone else’s food, who blogged about someone else’s food. Whoa.

Lentils with Bacon

The lentils were a big hit with my husband and my mother-in-law. Plates were left completely clean. I credit the bacon. Bacon makes everything better. I enjoyed the lentils as well, but I was really loving the salmon. As you may recall, I recently introduced myself to the art of searing–I’ve seared scallops, I’ve seared chicken, and now I’ve also seared the skin of a salmon. It was yummy. I normally do not eat the skin of salmon when I cook it (Mark eats his though), but who can say no to crispy, seared skin? Maybe vegetarians…sorry vegetarians.


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  1. I made a great recipe for Mediterranean Lentil Salad last year that I found in one of my cookbooks. It’s not visually dismal. You could always try that if you want to photograph more lentils.

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