This Week’s Lunch

Packing lunch has always been a challenge for me–since I entered the professional world. I’m picky when it comes to leftovers, I am not a fan of sandwiches, and I don’t want to rely on sodium-ridden frozen meals. I also discovered that I had a mental block when it came to packing lunch–I saw the wholes, not pieces. I’d bring a large bowl of soup or a bag of baby carrots and hummus. There was only one course to my meals. When we were shopping this weekend, I picked up a couple containers with multiple compartments. It inspired me to try to improve my lunches–no more carry-out and no more horrid school lunches. Here’s how this week panned out.


Monday’s Lunch

On Monday, my lunch included a couple pieces of low sodium turkey rolled with a couple pieces of provolone cheese. I also sliced a roma tomato and half a cucumber. In the upper left compartment, I have chickpeas I roasted this weekend and pumpkin seeds. In the upper right, I have beets with a little balsamic vinegar.


Tuesday’s Lunch

On Tuesday, I made little sandwiches, of sorts. I had whole grain pita chips with cucumber slices and a smear of goat cheese. The moisture from the cucumbers softened the pita chips, making it like fresh pita bread. Yum. In the upper left compartment, I had some roasted almonds and a hard boiled egg. In the upper right compartment, I have some soup leftover from Monday night.


Wednesday’s Lunch

On Wednesday, I made a big salad with locally grown salad mix, cucumbers, and tomatoes. I also added a little onion and pumpkin seeds to the salad. It’s topped with a balsamic vinaigrette I made this weekend. I also have a slice of low sodium turkey and a hard boiled egg in the upper left compartment. In the right compartment, I have a sliced peach.


Thursday’s Lunch

On Thursday, I had some wilted kale, with a bit of olive oil, a squeeze of lime, and salt and pepper. In the top left compartment, there’s a chunk of smoked salmon and a hard boiled egg. In the other compartment, I had sun-dried tomatoes and kalamata olives.


Overall, I am impressed with my whole week (I only work until noon on Fridays) of packing delicious, healthy lunches. I feel better knowing that I am eating healthy, clean foods. Plus, I am saving cash and time, by not running out to get carryout during my lunch break. After a couple weeks of this, I want to try it for breakfast too. I suck at eating meals in a hurry (which weekday breakfasts are, always).


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