Cooking for Baby: Apples…err, Applesauce

Parenting is definitely a process of 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, especially when it comes to feeding your baby. I guess I shouldn’t generalize. This has been our experience. When I was pregnant, I looked into baby-led weaning, and thought that would be the best decision for my baby. I changed my mind when Nico was air chewing as he watched me eat food, but still had no interest in feeding himself. I also was against using rice cereal as a first food for Nico, it’s pretty much void of nutritional value, and a lot of research states that white rice cereal converts to glucose at an alarming rate. At our 6 month appointment, our pediatrician emphasized the importance of iron (which is fortified in rice and grain cereals), as the iron reserves in my breast milk begin to wane. Now, I’ve heard several schools of thought on the iron reserves in breast milk thing…but it’s the end of the school year and I just didn’t have as much time to dedicate to researching the issue further. I bought some oatmeal and multigrain cereal to soothe my mind.

I chose Earth’s Best, because it’s a brand that several of my more “crunchy” friends use, it’s organic and free of GMOs, and because it’s the only kind of cereal that the grocery store I was shopping in had available. I came home and mixed some of the oatmeal cereal with breast milk. Nico loved it! I thought maybe it was a fluke, so I mixed it with water the next day–and he still loved it!

I am really happy I chose to buy some cereal, mostly because it makes Nico happy. However, I made apples as our next food adventure (I am getting there, I promise), but Nico did not love them. I was floored. After cooking the apples, they pureed pretty smoothly (unlike most of the other foods I make), so I wondered if it was an issue of texture. So I mixed in a little oatmeal cereal. He grabbed the spoon out of my hand!

As usual, I consulted the Wholesome Baby Food website for making the apples. It was pretty easy, peel, core, slice, boil, puree. It makes me want to make my own applesauce. I don’t have much to say about the process, because at this point it’s pretty boring. I am looking forward to more involved food recipes. However, I will say this–making your own baby food is so CHEAP, especially if providing organic foods is important for you. I think I spend about $2 on organic apples, and I have enough for 8-10 meals.

Apple cubes–freezer ready.

I think for my next post I am going to dedicate some attention to baby snacks–like mum-mums and puffs. Some friends of mine and I have been looking into the ingredients of the most popular brands of puffs.


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  1. Homemade applesauce is super easy to make in the crockpot. Sugar depends on how sweet the apples are. We make it here and it’s gone in a wink of an eye!

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