Cooking for Baby: Mango

It was time to introduce a new food item to Nico. I was feeling somewhat uninspired (this was after making a ton of Nico’s favorite foods). I looked around my kitchen, and noticed a couple mangos in our fruit bowl. I thought, well, why not? I checked in with my favorite baby food-making website, and made some mango.

Now Wholesome Baby Food, suggests mashing the mango, however Nico has a major texture issues (we are slowly integrating some baby led weaning-type foods), so I decided to blend it with a little bit of water to make a smooth puree. I started with just one mango, peeled it, and then cut around the seed. From there, I threw it in the blender with water, and I blended until smooth.

Nico loved his mangos…after a couple bites. He’s totally my kid. I like mango with things, but the slightly chalky texture keeps me from enjoying raw mangos on a regular basis. However, Nico got over his texture issue pretty quickly and gobbled the mango up. Maybe I should start pureeing my own mangos?


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