This Week’s Lunch

I am pretty close to the end of my school year. I am going to miss my students, but I am looking forward to the summer off with my two favorite guys.

Monday’s Lunch: A couple of slices of farm bread, turkey pepperoni, and dill havarti cheese. In the top left compartment is wilted spinach with mushrooms, and almonds and a hard boiled egg in the right compartment.

Tuesday’s Lunch: Mixed greens salad with black beans, corn, and a white wine dressing. In the left compartment, leftover kale pesto pasta with tomatoes and mushrooms, and in the right compartment a couple slices of Boar’s Head turkey.


Wednesday’s Lunch: Boar’s Head prosciutto & dill Havarti cheese. In the left compartment, there’s baby carrots, and in the right steamed kale.

Thursday’s Lunch: Baby carrots and peanut butter. In the left compartment, there’s hard boiled egg and turkey pepperoni, and spinach with vinegar and oil in the right.


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