Meatless Monday: Green Chile Pinto Beans

Back when I first got pregnant, I had a mad craving for refried beans. I was tired of going out to restaurants and buying orders of refried beans, so I decided that I would buy some pinto beans and make my own refried beans. Well, I got a really big bag of beans. And here we are a year later, still have lots of beans. In my quest to use the foods found in my kitchen, I decided to make beans for dinner. However, I wanted to have a little bit more flavor to the beans, so I decided to experiment a little bit.


1 lb of pinto beans

1 13 oz package of green chile

1/2 onion, diced

4 pieces of prosciutto, sliced

3 cloves of garlic, minced

1 tablespoon of cumin


salt/pepper, to taste


1. Place the beans in a large pot, and cover with about 8 cups of water. Bring the beans to a boil and boil for 3-5 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover, and allow to sit for an hour.

2. After the beans have sat for an hour, drain the beans. Add them to a crockpot, along with remaining ingredients. Add enough water to the crock to cover the beans by about 2 inches.

3. Let the beans simmer in the crockpot over high heat for 6-8 hours, or until the beans are soft.

4. Serve with lime, salsa, and tortilla.

Overall, I was happy with my bean meal. It was a little bland, so next time I would add more green chile and cumin. We were running about all day, so I didn’t have a chance to taste test throughout the cooking process. However, with a little lime and salsa, I found it to be a very satisfying meal.


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